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SEO is the process of gaining a higher rank on search results through “natural” or “organic” means. Google ranks every website on the internet based on a variety of factors such as the relevance of your site’s keywords, the number and the quality of websites that link to you, and the quality of the user’s overall experience.

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Unlike pay-per-click or display ads, SEO lets you rank highly on the search results based on your own merits with the help of our SEO specialists. There is no need to pay Google to get you on the front page. It will want you to be there!

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Our SEO services are based on the latest digital marketing methods and Google’s algorithm to provide an organic and ethical website ranking on major search engines in a short time-frame. Our company has also given a new dimension to SEO services by delivering success reports to customers in a stipulated time-period.

Conducting keyword research analysis

We make sure the keywords related to your business are targeted & attract a high number of searches across different search engines

Competitor analysis

We analyse your competitors to identify their weaknesses and strengths.

Top quality backlinks

We create authority links to your website on various forums to establish genuine trust referrals.

Our Process

We are a results-driven, innovative digital marketing agency specialising in organic and effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. Being one of the top SEO companies in Auckland, we have a dedicated team of analysts working to achieve first page rankings. Our team of specialists go through a series of steps to ensure the highest possible ranking for your website:

This involves identifying a group of keyword phrases that your potential customers may search for. Using variety of online tools and our own expertise, we determine which keyword phrases are:

  • Highly searched
  • Highly relevant to your products and services
  • Less competitive within search engines

Once we have determined the best keyword phrases for optimisation, we send them to you for approval.

After you have approved the target keyword phrases, we do an in-depth analysis of your biggest competitors, in order to determine which areas of website optimisation we need to focus on. We use a range of SEO metrics when carrying out competitor research, such as indexed content, inbound links, and social media following. For example, if we notice that your website has significantly less indexed content than your competitors, we will make it a goal to build up this content.

We will ensure that the content on your website is high volume, high quality, and rich in your target keyword phrases. Our experienced copywriter will write content that is both informative and engaging to draw in users and improve your chances of ranking.

We will carry out a series of changes on your website in regard to its structure and architecture. This may include making adjustments to the URL, META data, title tags, header tags, and ALT data, as well as implementing a Site map.

Having high quality sites linking back to your own site is a great way to improve your ranking. Our copywriters and SEO specialists work together to build articles regarding your business, and use our connections to get these articles featured on quality websites. We also submit your business details to various online directories, creating more authoritative backlinks to your website.

We do regular follow up reports post optimization, to determine your campaigns success. We look at the terms you rank for, where you rank for them, their search volume, and the traffic they drive. These figures can be compared to pre-optimisation figures, giving the SEO campaign measurable results. Adjustments can be made in accordance to these findings for better future results. These reports will be sent to you on a regular basis.

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